Premium selection of varietal wines (Vins de Pays d’Oc). Maison COQUARD is a symbol of tradition and authenticity but also of refinement and modernity. The colour gradations illustrated on the labels relate to the complex and exquisite aromas in the wines.

    A wine with a seductive pink hue and aromas that evoke rose petals, raspberries and citrus fruits. Soft, rounded and fruity, this is a classic example of rosé crafted from southern French Cinsault.
    Best enjoyed chilled (9-11ºC), either as an aperitif or with summer salads and white meats. Also excellent with paella, osso buco and dishes such as honey-glazed ham or pork with prunes.

    Refreshingly dry and lively white wine. The yellow and green hues of the label relate to the wine's aromas of fresh hay, sweet peppers, acacia and orange blossom, fresh apple and a citrus zest.
    Drink chilled between 10 to 12°C, with fish, seafood, oysters or as an aperitif to appreciate its aromatic intensity.

    An elegant, refined Chardonnay. The wine's exquisite flavours include hints of brioche and fresh mushrooms, chestnuts, marron glacé, lemon, vanilla and honey – characters reflected by the beige/orange to yellow/gold spectrum on the label.
    Drink over the next 12 months between 11 and 13°C with mixed salads, grills, fish and shellfish.

    Powerful wine with intense colour and soft tannins. The complex flavours of liquorice, cocoa, chocolate, pepper as well as blackcurrant, raspberry and cooked fruits are reflected in the black/purple and red garnet hues of the label.
    Drink when it's young to enjoy its aromatic intensity. Serve between 13 and 15°C with cold cuts, poultry, red meat, game and cheese.

    A rich, robust wine. Its typical Cabernet flavours of blackcurrant, green pepper, blackcurrant and violet are echoed in the dark green, dark red tones of the label.
    With ageing, this wine will develop subtle flavours of vanilla, liquorice, tobacco, truffles.
    Ready to drink now (at 13/15°C) with charcuterie, red meats, game and cheeses.

    Supple wine with lovely, velvety tannins. The label's colour ranges from brick red to garnet and brings to mind the wine's mature, earthy aromas of leather, spice, liquorice and truffles ... and also fruity scents of cherry, strawberry jam, prunes and violets.
    Ready to drink now and until end 2011. A wine of great pleasure to enjoy with grilled red meats and game. (Serve cool - between 13 and 15ºC).